Summertime Swing

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Who doesn’t love that feeling of the final concert of the term, anticipating the long Summer break? This simple work is written for Junior String players all over the world in mind. It features swung and syncopated rhythms and has a carefree feel, anticipating warm days at the beach or seaside. The melody is shared around the orchestra, including a short minor section for celli and basses. The piano part is optional and covers the bassline.

Title arrow Summertime Swing
Composer arrow Loreta Fin
Arranger arrow
Standard arrow Medium Elementary
Grade arrow 1.5
Duration arrow 2 minutes 40 seconds
Key arrow D Major
Catalogue No. arrow Alfred Music: 76-46179
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The folio contains: Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2)
Conductor’s score
Piano accompaniment


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