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A Saltarello is an Italian Folk Dance, similar to a Tarantella. Its main feature is the “leap” step, which comes from the Italian verb saltare, meaning to jump. This is portrayed in the hooked bowings. The continuous, running motion is a good workout for all sections and requires clean finger action. Shifting work and string crossing are a main feature and a strong sense of pulse is essential in the bass line. A piano part is included. It is not essential, but could be played on an accordion or keyboard accordion, to enhance to Folk Music feel.

Title arrow  Saltarello
Composer arrow Loreta Fin
Arranger arrow
Standard arrow Intermediate
Grade arrow 2
Duration arrow 2 minutes 30 seconds
Key arrow A Major
Catalogue No. arrow Alfred Music: 76-49396
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The folio contains: Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2)
Conductor’s score
Piano accompaniment


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