Wombat Waltz

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The ensemble should be encouraged to use whole bows for each note, regardless of whether it is a dotted minim, a minim or a crotchet. Therefore, the students need to “plan” their bow speed, so that it moves faster for the crotchets and slower for the longer notes. Care should be taken not to rush the tempo in the pizzicati. The rhythms are often the same between sections of the orchestra and the harmonies are quite easy. The speed should resemble a big cuddly, waddling wombat going for a walk.

Title arrow Wombat Waltz
Composer arrow Loreta Fin
Arranger arrow
Standard arrow Elementary
Grade arrow 1
Catalogue No. Alfred Music: 76-32795

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The folio contains:
Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2)
Conductor’s score
Piano accompaniment

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Loreta Fin