Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

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The name says it all – a favourite for sure, it will also assist in the accurate playing of the opening rhythm. Left and right hand pizzicato are featured, as well as string crossing, slurs and staccato quavers. Skips, steps and jumps are carefully used and it will take no time at all to put this piece together for a concert. This piece is dedicated to my niece, Veronica, who is about to start playing the cello.

Title arrow Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream
Composer arrow Loreta Fin
Arranger arrow
Standard arrow Medium Elementary
Grade arrow 1.5
Catalogue No. arrow Alfred Music:  76-35285

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The folio contains:

Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2)
Conductor’s score
Piano accompaniment

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Loreta Fin