Technical Work: The SUPERFOOD of Music

If we JUST ate ice-cream and chocolates, our bodies would not function well. We need SUPERFOODS to get the best results. Teaching Technique is teaching the skills needed to play better, whether it be tennis, swimming, gymnastics or playing a musical instrument. If we can understand these concepts, that’s great. If WE can simplify and minimise them for memorisation – EVEN BETTER!

What’s in it for me?

Swimmers swim lap after lap, for hours in training, before they compete. Tennis players practise their serves, backhands, volleys etc. for hours in training before they ever play a game. Gymnasts do stretches, forward rolls, handstands and back arches, well before they ever get to a bar or beam. Ballet Dancers learn positions and spend hours in front of a mirror, before they ever reach a stage.

  • These are the SKILLS required to play well.
  • TECHNICAL WORK is learning the SKILLS of MUSIC.

In order to play netball, basketball, football or volleyball I need to know the RULES of the game. Being able to catch, throw or kick a ball, does not mean I can just play. I need to know the rules. It is the same for Chess – or even Monopoly – you can’t play, unless you know the rules.

  • THEORY is the RULES of music.

Just like in sport, if I have the SKILLS and I know the RULES, I will PLAY BETTER!

If you tell me you love scales, I will write you a note and send you STRAIGHT to the clinic. There’s something wrong with you.” It’s OK not to love them. So, let’s make it as easy as possible, by thinking in patterns. This makes MEMORISING easier and it MINIMISES what we have to do. I could teach you the same thing, using about 25 studies – or just a few sheets.

Which would you prefer?